Lilith Women's Theater is proud to announce...

A Lesbian Life in the Theater, DOS LESBOS and Other Plays by Terry Baum.  It will be published in 2018 by
Exit Press.  It includes ten plays from Baum’s pioneering writing on lesbian themes, encompassing 40 years of making theater. The anthology begins in 1974, with the monolog, Bisexual Celibate.  It concludes with the 2014  HICK: A Love Story, inspired by Eleanor Roosevelt’s passionate love affair with Lorena Hickok, a renowned journalist.  A Lesbian Life ranges from farcical romps like One Fool (1987) and Bride of Lesbostein (2012) to searing dramas like Immediate Family (1983) and Two Fools (1996), Baum’s “gay marriage” plays. The pioneering Dos Lesbos, a Play By, For & About Perverts (1981), written with Carolyn Myers, inspired Places Please (1985), the first anthology of lesbian plays.  Baum’s self-mocking humor and honesty, her intertwining of political and personal themes, make this anthology unique.


​Central to the San Francisco theatre scene since its inception in 1983, Exit Theatre has always been indie artist-focused. So too is its publishing division, Exit Press.

Established in 2010, Exit Press has by now published 16 books of playscripts (and one children’s book), beginning with acclaimed local playwright/director Mark Jackson’s Ten Plays.

“Exit’s mission is to support performing artists and the development of their careers,” explains publisher Richard Livingston, who is also Exit Theatre’s longtime managing director. “After 30-some years of that, it seemed that publishing was a good idea. It would give the work a longer life.” Most of the material is original (or original translations, such as Paul Walsh’s The Chamber Plays of August Strindberg); most of it has been produced or developed at Exit Theatre.