See Terry's blog post about (re)writing "Awaiting the Podiatrist."

Terry Baum & Carolyn Myers

​​​​Lilith Theater San Francisco

"Precious – The most romantic play I’ve seen.  Had me moved to tears. 
​Terry embodies the role.”

 "A very important play!  Thank you for an enlightening evening.”

“Terry is a powerful actress and presence.  Towards the end, I truly believed she was Hick herself and had to remind myself, with a sense of shock, that she was an actor.
My friends and I were 'blown away.’”

“I can’t believe it was even better the second time!”

“Terry, you really transported me.  I felt the realness of Hick.  Keeping her alive, letting us all know we’ve always been here in the shadows.  I’m so happy the letters were saved and you got permission to use them.”

“Thank you for bringing Lorena out of oblivion and making their relationship come alive.  Wonderful acting!”

“Thanks to your work, we have a glimpse of the intimate and inner being of two remarkable, inspiring women.”

“Fantastic piece, very enjoyable and at the end, so touching."

What a gift Hick left and that you have given us in turn.”

“I was very moved and humbled to realize how privileged I am to be able to be open in my relationship.  The last line, “I want you to know,” was thrilling.”

“Thank you SO much for telling a beautiful story of love, courage, and history!”

“I am so thankful for this enlightened performance given by Terry Baum, such a joy for such glorious truth telling and delightfulness.”

“Incredible – everything is perfect – acting, lighting, staging – all of it.  I’m very drawn in to the story, and this is the third (and best!) time!”

“Thank you for your visionary rendering of Lorena.”

“Thanks for the wonderful presentation.  Just perfect – sets – music—story – Wow!”

“Totally love it – So visual.  Loved the contrast in Hick early and late.”

“Thank you for making sure our ancestors’ love and pain aren’t lost and for nothing.”

“I loved most of all what a CELEBRATION it was.  I leave your theater deeply moved and happy.  Congratulations.”

“This was the best play I have seen. You made two Canadian hockey playe
rs cry.”