See Terry's blog post about (re)writing "Awaiting the Podiatrist."

Terry Baum & Carolyn Myers

​​​​Lilith Theater San Francisco

PODIATRIST speaks to anyone who’s ever had parents.”      
~ SF Chronicle

1 Grove Street @ Market   BART: Civic Center  

“Best of SF Fringe 2016” Award  
(sold out every performance)

SAFEhouse Arts

Awaiting the Podiatrist  

In Awaiting the Podiatrist a slightly world-renowned lesbian playwright finds herself in a room in Intensive Care, caught between her comatose father and her terminally irritating mother.  Should Mom and Alex pull the plug on Dad?  If not, who will cut his monstrous toenails?  A near-life experience brought to you by modern medicine.

You have four chances to see Awaiting the Podiatrist during the
Wednesday - June 7  &  Thursday - June 8  at 8:00 pm
Saturday - June 10  &  Sunday, June 11  at 2:00 pm

​​Awaiting the Podiatrist  is a solo play with music, written and performed
by Terry Baum and J. Althea as Nurse Olive.
Music by Scrumbly Koldewyn and David Hyman, additional music by J. Althea.
Stage Direction: Velina Brown  &  Music Direction: J. Althea.