"A Tour-de-Force"  Benicia Herald (California)

"Illuminating"  Bay Area Reporter

"touching"  east bay express (Berkeley)

"enchanting"  Daily California  (berkeley)

"Brilliant"  san francisco Bay Guardian

"compelling"  san francisco examiner

“A real love story like no other. A compelling one-woman show.”
San Francisco Examiner

“Valiant, vivid and valuable.”
Baltimore Sun

"Eleanor Roosevelt's great lesbian love affair... A touching, tender tale about two trailblazing women who loved, admired, and inspired each other throughout their lives.”
East Bay (Berkeley) Express

“Like the best biographies, HICK: A LOVE STORY offers us another hero who has been invisible, but was there all along: Lorena Hickok, or Hick……Instead of shocking or scandalizing the audience, Hick's revelations about Eleanor push us further along the path toward accepting our American icons as full human beings.

People's World

​“As she warms to the telling, Baum transitions from Hick in 1968 to 1932, shifts her body language, the pitch of her voice, even her gait, and is captivating. It’s a skilled and nuanced performance…. And a thank-you to Terry Baum for sharing this touching, funny, and excellent character with theatre audiences."
DC Metro Theater

“Baum, entirely devoid of pretense, brilliantly captures Hick's transformation as the First Lady returns her affections… Baum couples Hick's timeless emotional trajectory with research that captures the spirit of the 1930s and, in a heartbreaking late-life epilogue, the late 1960s. Terry Baum's energy is astounding.”
San Francisco Bay Guardian

“Fully captivating, wrought with emotion… An enchanting performance.”
The Daily Californian

“A tour-de-force… A detailed and heartfelt account of the special relationship these two women shared…. A tender and informative piece, artfully crafted and beautifully executed. This one’s a winner.”
Benicia (CA) Herald

“Thanks to Baum's strong and inviting performance, we feel we are a party to this intriguing sidebar to history.”  
Bay Area Reporter

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